Jr. Map Makers Application: How to

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Jr. Map Makers Application: How to Empty Jr. Map Makers Application: How to

Post  Hallmet on Fri May 22, 2009 11:19 pm

Map Makers design maps for uploading on the site and create maps for requesters. They can also write tutorials and chat with others to help people out. Its a great opportunity for people who enjoy doing this stuff, and anyone that makes Maps can become one.

So for your application, just make sure you include these 3 things:

1) Atleast 7 quality maps that you've made, and at max 20, remember these should showcase your skills and be your best work.

2) A detailed reason why you want to be a Map Maker or Jr. Map Maker (atleast a couple sentences)

3) A poll with choices YES and NO. Nothing else.

Also, if you've been denied before (with a valid application), you only need 5 new maps to reapply.

In order to apply as a Map Maker, you must have made atleast 15 maps, already be a Jr. Map Maker, and your app must contain a minimum of 11 maps. (Your maps on your app should be your best ones)


The process of acception as a Map Maker/Jr. Map Maker begins with a poll (which we will edit into your thread if you didn't make one). The poll will allow members to vote if you are ready or not, so we can get an accurate opinion of your skill. Right now anyone can vote, but if people take advantage of that, we will change it so only certain groups can vote on these polls. In addition to that, people will comment and review your maps in whatever way they want, and give a decision based on your skill. Map Makers will have the largest part of the decision, then Jr. Map Makers, as they have gone through this process themselves, and then regular members. Everyones opinion counts. Once we get an opinion on your skill level, the admins/map makers will make a final decision.

Before you can apply to be a regular Map Maker, you must first be accepted as a Jr. Map Maker. A Jr. Map Maker is a Map Maker in training. Our Map Makers will help guide you on your way to creating awesome maps.

Anyone can have a say in whether or not a person should become a (Jr.) Map Maker, but Map Makers usually will have the final say since they are considered top notch. If you're rejected, don't lost all hope! Just keep honing your skills and you'll make it there some day!

Please put [APP] in your Topic Subject (title) to let us know that you have read these guidelines.
It should look something like this: "[APP] Hallmet's Awesome Application"

Those who are accepted will have their Topic Subject (title) edited to say [ACCEPTED].
Those who are rejected will have their Topic Subject (title) edited to say [REJECTED].
Those who break any of these guidelines (including forgetting to put [APP]) will have their thread closed and the Topic Subject (title) will be edited to say [X].

And with that, I leave you to your applications. Very Happy

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