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Animation team Applications: How to Empty Animation team Applications: How to

Post  Hallmet on Fri May 22, 2009 11:16 pm

The Animation Team is a group of people who enjoy animating and have decent experience doing it, who work together on animations and projects. Its a great opportunity for people to improve and do the things they like with other people.

So for your application, just make sure you include these 4 things:

1) Atleast 7 quality animations that you've made, and at max 10, remember these should showcase your skills and be your best work.

2) A reason why you want to join the Animation Team

3) A poll with choices YES and NO. Nothing else.

4) In your title, make sure that it contains: [AT] so we know its an animation team application and not something else.

Example: "[AT] Hallmet's Application"

Our Multimedia teams are not as strict as our map maker applications, our teams are not a showcase of skill, more a place where people who enjoy animating can work together. So if you have followed the application guidelines and have decent animations, theres no reason you shouldn't join the team.

Right now we have very little people in these teams, so there is no one to decide if these people will get in. So right now, if you follow the application guidelines and have some animating skill, you will get in the team.

Good luck making your applications!

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